Saturday, June 20, 2009

Give it up for ... 'the Sipper?'

After watching Joe Scarborough's self-assumption of elder-statesman status on last week's episode of (the much-declined) Meet the Press with David Gregory (much, much declined), it occurs to me that the man who has spent his time in between supporting Obama's most rational policies writing books about how he is different from the wacky republicans who don't may be considering himself the man to fulfill his own perscription. At least the thought of a 2012 run had to have crossed his mind (a narsicistic television personality? Gasp!) Okay, it's a long shot, i know--there's a lot of baggage that comes with nearly daily presence in front of a video recording device for several years, but hell, we've already had The Gipper, and The Governator (get to the chopper, now!), and at least Scarsdale has held elected office before...

At this point, the only worry would be that between Scarborough, Eric Cantor, and my previously mentioned potential candidate, George Pataki there'd be too much chin on stage at any early debates.

Post Script: For the last couple months, blogger has been blocked in china, which i naturally used as an excuse to completely quit updating this blog...sorry about that. As far as China goes, there are several important topics which I have been mulling over, and which someday, perhaps some lazy budapest morning, I will compose into the longer, essayish sort of posting. For now, suffice it to say that the semester is almost up, I will be in Budapest next Sunday, and I have mastered enough chinese to confuse the overworked McDonalds manager with my insistence that he refill my used coffee cup rather than throw it out and give me a new one.