Friday, September 11, 2009

A Correction

Those who've been around me while drinking may know there's no end to my disdain for the Stata Center at MIT; Frank Gehry's notorious abuse of a generation's developmentally-rooted fealty to cartoonishness.

But MIT, it turns out, has a subtly handsome little quarter that's grown on me over the last two weeks. As it turns out, the unobtrusive livability and stoic beauty are the brainchildren of I.M. Pei. My favorite is the Landau building, but their all beautiful (though these photos don't do justice to the Green building, whose base is open on two sides, and goes up two floors).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glenn Beck stole LG logo?

Not that I'm a fan of licentious application of copyright, but with Rush Limbaugh's recent capricious comparison of the OFA health-care logo to the Nazi standard, I think it's not too too cynical to question the creative sources of Glenn Beck's 'Danger! I'm as dangerous to a political debate as radon in your basement!' logo. Judge whether LG may have actionable grounds for filing suit for yourself. Evidence: