Tuesday, April 20, 2010


At dinner tonight with a physician from Cleavland--one who couldn't help but question the Canadians in company on the quality of their healthcare--the topic of "the reality of the situation" came up. It turns out, son, that "the reality of the situation" is increased taxes, lower quality of care, less choice, and untold other horrors. I'm not looking to discount these fears, but I really resent the notion (one powerfully insinuated and openly accused at the Boston Tea Party) that being young implies that I just don't know about how genuinely horrible taxes are--I paid self-employment tax last year, for Pete's sake! So here's the trade:

If you voted for Bush, you get to pay Medicare Part D, the Trillion-Dollar War, and the bank bailouts. Oh yeah, and you can go ahead and start by making up for the tax cuts...

I'll pay for healthcare. Hell, I'll even chip in for Afghanistan.