Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Part II --or-- Dear Internet, I have the best girfriend ever.

I make no equivocations when I say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever. Christmas and Easter perhaps celebrate the more important occasions, but are both too bogged down in meaningless tradition and serious commercialism. Thanksgiving is amazing in that our collective society has managed to agree on it as a bulkhead against the heavy seas of 'holiday' capitalism. It is only in America that the Christmas season would begin on 'black friday'. Don't even get me started on Armistice day.

Having said this, Thanksgiving has two fundamental components whose interrelationships are as ancient as they are rooted in our psyche. Food and Family work together, as an evolutionary psychologist might claim, as the fundamental unit of society. The pack functions to help us get better food, and food attracts more into the pack.

But this has nothing to do with what I'm trying to say. I received a package yesterday from one C. Twigg, and it blew me away. Prior to this packaged, I would have argued that the Idea of delivering thanksgiving to one's doorstep was flawed from the start. But in less than a few Kilograms, here it was.

Besides an incredibly creative and apt take on all the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings, my wonderful friends contributed drawings of hand turkeys (you know the type; where you trace your hand and then draw feathers and beaks and make it say things...).

There were tidbits of warm, fireside conversation (in the form of Economist clippings), and even a silly picture of Brooklyn,

So to everyone who contributed to this wonderful gift, Thank You. It's made my thanksgiving. And as I sit here munching on turkey jerky, dried cranberries, and pecan pie-flavoured chocolates, I'd just like to say I am thankful for my wonderful friends, family, and this year especially Ms. Twigg.


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