Wednesday, January 14, 2009


because i've been getting that 'what are you doing?!' response a lot, let me fill in this blog.

On the 19th of January I'm heading to Budapest (where Cat happens to be living and working at an NGO).

On February 23, I will fly to Beijing and enroll at the Beijing University of Technology, where I will study Chinese.

I will also be tutoring English, saving up to pay for a ticket to fly cat out to beijing on April 4th for the Qing Ming break.

On June 26th, I will fly from Beijing to Budapest for more intensive post-communist research.

On August 24th, I will fly from Budapest to Newark and commence moving to Cambridge, MA.

On August 28th, I will move up to Cambridge, try and find an apartment and attend the MIT TPP orientation.

Following that, I will take a bus back to new york, pick up my bike, and bike back up to my new apartment in Cambridge.

That's about it for now. Three sheets to the wind!

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