Friday, March 6, 2009

The "Compete" Coalition

I suppose that the election of Barack Obama has had a direct stimulus in at least one, distinct sector: people who are payed to come up with pseudonyms on behalf of corporate interests whose names have been blighted by decades of corporate malfeasance. The latest product of this brave, bold, and distinctly American industry is the "Compete Coalition," your coalition of choice if you strongly identify with the abstract concept of 'competition'...

...or, if you happen to be an electricity producer, or large-scale consumer (retail chains; that's you), and your corporate structure has no mechanism to quantify--and thus consider in any meaningful way--the disastrous effects of burning coal 'til there ain't none left.

The Compete Coalition is all about competition. Raw, unhindered competition. In fact, they'd prefer if it were in-the-dark, not-talked about competition. Because the precise results of their policy 'ideas' (preventing the Obama administration from mandating a quantified amount of wind and solar electricity generation or enacting a cap-and-trade market for carbon credits) would literally destroy the world.

Thankfully, the President doesn't seem like he's second guessing his objectives any time soon. But at least there's plenty of new marketing, PR, and web design jobs being created.

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