Friday, March 6, 2009

Once Rush Hour is Over... you ever wonder who'll come out on top? I fully expect Rush will be around a lot longer than he may want to be, but once this bloody-wreck of an opposition leader is finally scrubbed off the tarmac, the Republican Party will need to be able to communicate its message, and it's my bet the person doing the talking won't be any of the ones you see now. Ten Cents says it's this guy.

Okay, I'm not going all in on this one, but it's at least worth thinking about. George faded-away, rather than burning out, which it turns out was probably in his best interest, considering some of the more unbecoming and egregious things he might have otherwise been associated with.

And unlike Mitt, Bobby, or Mike, George has been pleasantly silent for the last couple of Republican-damning years. He's been the guy at the Party politely socializing and making new friends, while the 'rising stars' are playing beer pong, shouting chants, and knocking over your furniture (if you're wondering who Rush Limbaugh is, he's the guy that brought all the ecstasy, and you last saw him getting far too close to someone far too young).

As the now-infamous Interstate Monkey Transport ban (not to mention the $3.6 Trillion budget, and insolvent banking industry) demonstrates, there is a role for an opposition party, just not the one we have.

Tell Rush I'll call the cops on him. I fucking mean it.

Updates: Youtube is back, Wikipedia is blocked, and trying to access the Huffington Post gets my connection shut down for about a minute.

Oh, and it turns out "Bicycle Bike" belongs to my roommate.

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